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My opinion

It's not the warriors problem with keeping taunt. It's all about the supporting class. Paladin's job is not to keep taunt while in a group, thats why the warrior is there. So why are you casting taunt increasing spells? AC is key, no this is not Armor Class, this is Agro Control. You, the supporting classes, need to learn what to do and when to do it to make your groups more efficient. If you are the Main tank of a group, then that's different. Over agro and now the cleric has more then one person to worry about. Oh, and a Beastlord can take agro from a pal/sk any day so don't think that your all that either. If you get agro when their is a MA designated, learn to back off a little. It might take an extra second for the mob to die, but eventually there would be less downtime for the entire group.

If supporting classes did their jobs, the Warrior wouldn't have agro issues, even swinging rusty weapons. The main purpose for the warrior was to be the only one to get hit during fights, so cleric(s) concentrate on healing one person and not several. Reason being was because the Warrior in most situations had more hp then the other classes. Since then with all the new armor that has come out, Paladins and Shadowknights are meeting or exceeding warriors in HP / AC.

You also can't compare a Paladin from Magister to a warrior thats never been guilded or ever been on raids. Definately that Paladin will have better gear then that warrior will ever see. You guys aways fail to see that sometimes. "you wisper to yourself, got this tank sucks, can't hold his agro" maybe because your over agroing due to better equipment or casting more then you should.

Just something that all those never played a warrior class should know about.
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