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Originally posted by Lanson & Binuru
From what I've experienced in PoP when XPing, it is usually preferred for a Paladin ot SK to MT a mob for two reasons. First is what was already mentioned above, Paladins and SKs can get and hold aggro early on with the use of stuns, aggro spells, etc. Another good reason, though, which myself and the rest of my group tested in PoN, is that a warrior will do even better damage from the rear of the mob, a la Rogue, than the Paladin/SK will.

From that perspective alone it is a good idea in some situations to let that hybrid absorb some damage while the warrior sinks his blades into the mobs back. Now, I said some situations, because there really are times that the warrior is who you WANT to be the MT, based solely on HP's/AC, or even resists.

In that situation, the warrior being the MT, it is the responsibility of the hybrids in the group, if any, to NOT take or attempt to take aggro. I actually physically move my taunt and stun hotkeys off my front page to prevent myself from hitting them. When looked at from this perspective, we can also see that your problem, Rashim, might just be the people you are grouping with, rather than your items/equipment.
heh I never have a problem getting groups in PoP.. in fact.. I was amazed at how easily I get them.. I come online.. type /lfg on and usually within minutes I get a tell saying "come to x" or "are you flagged for Y??" unfortunately I have no flags.. as all my friends are either lower level.. or in uberguilds and too busy for me if I had tier 2 flags I am pretty sure I wouldn't be without a group for more than 10 minutes at any point in time

I have actually left a couple groups that, when I left, refused a SK/Pal as a replacement (course they were hard hitting mobs.. like the guardians or nightmares in PoN)

Warriors are still wanted.. if you aren't then maybe you need to work on your own skills and this is a good start by coming and asking for help here
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