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I use my 2 handed Epic and have an SBC for haste.. make sure the haste caster in the group keeps you hasted.. if the ranger/rogue is hasted and you aren't.. it's gonna be tough to hold aggro.

With that setup I almost neve have aggro taken from me.. even by people who want it. I have no offensive AA's (only combat stability so far and of course the obligatory natural regen 3 and run speed 3) and frequently group with high taunters (last night in the castle in PoD, we had a 61 SK, a 61 Mage, 60something shaman, high 50's enchanter, cleric and me) and rarely do they get aggro (course.. the chanter did when he tried really hard ) The SK was pulling with darkness.. and I was tagging off him when he got 2 or more of the level 60 mobs.. otherwise I'd let him pull in then I'd take them right off him.. weapon didn't even have to proc and I managed to keep aggro.. I think it's mainly that you need to learn how to use that taunt button
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