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Originally Posted by Brigiid
I try not to inquire into the masturbation habits of haffers.
rumor has it this process requires large ammounts of pie or other suitable pastrys...

sory...couldnt let it pass w/out commentary

Personaly i never used a single hack, looking at my magelo will tell you that lol. There were times i grouped with folk who i suspected of using hacks and indirectly i guess that makes me guilty too.
In hindsight, perhaps if i had used one here and there i would have been much more satisfyed with the game as a whole... at the least i would have been able to gain some of the items i desired and probably racked up more AA in the process. Would have made my toon more of an asset in combats in the long run too.

Toop is good people, so are/were a lot of the other folk ive known who use/used hacks. Some of them no longer play and at the end of the day the game is less than it was without their presence in it.
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