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Default Re: WTG mi amigo!

Grats on 59 Vaalken

BTw, here is basically how Fear went last night.

<join auction> Anyone doing fear?

Xexus - we just cleared it

/gu hey guys, Fear is cleared by some new guild, formerly RE, that I cannot spell or pronounce. Can I get a trakcer to go up with me to find Irak?

Me and Dashenee (druid) meet at the portal. I zone up and tell her the zone in is clear. She comes up and tracks. Irak is near, but quite a few trash mobs are up.

So we ehad to Irak, and some scarecrow looking thing his me. I tank for a bit while she gets off an evac. Then we take upa guild group.

Yalladar pulls Irak, roots, and camps, I do turn in, and we all port out
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