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Couple of spell changes:

Disease cloud isn't quite the taunt it used to be. When they changed slows to have a disease counter for dispelling, they FUBAR'ed the aggro on them. So to fix that they had to lower the aggro on disease spells. To compensate SKs now get aggro increasing spells. These are buffs you can cast on anyone actually and they increase the aggro a player generates.

I have been using the first one we get and I am pretty impressed with it so far. Now I am only a level 42 SK and have only used these in xp grouping environments, so YMMV.

We also get a nice couple of DD spells with PoP. Spear of Disease at 34 and Spear of Somethingelse at 49. They have fairly long recast times, but you can cycle them to dramatically increase your DPS.

I am sure there are other changes.
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