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Default Leveling now as compared to 2+yrs ago and other "changes"?.

Is it just me... or is it alot easier? I had a troll sk 2 yrs ago w/the racial and class penality. It took me forever just to hit 45, and the hell levels hurt. Now w/my Ikky SK I just cruise...

My pet seems more lethal. I remember that he was pretty useless back I've seen him tank a low blue and give a blue (deep) a good run. What gives...? Hey..maybe the E-crack is better now?

My shield bash seems better. I messed w/a twinked Erudite SK before I quit and he had good str after all the items and such. His bash was pretty useless. My Ikky seems to be able to deal some good DM w/his shield.

I was told there are no hell levels till 50.

Wow.... this is awesome. That was one of the reasons I quit EQ. I simply didnt have the time to keep my troll at a level where he could hang w/the peeps I knew. Oh... and soloing for basicly his entire "life" was a booboo as well.

Lets see.... any changes on the SK spell line? It looks the same so far.

People seem more chilled out now...friendlier? Once again... its prob just the E-crack making the virtual world seem so rosey.

Thank you
Muzgash (I'd type my new ikky's name but hell... i cant rem the exact spelling.... doh) Sarrack.... I think.
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