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Wow. I am pretty sure that not only was the 16 year old NOT scarred by this, he was caught bragging about it to his friends and that's how it came out.

It seems to me that the biggest reason there is such a slant in these cases (men v. women) is that when a woman is performing the sex act, she is taking the student "into herself", rather than a male teacher's "entering into" the student. The possibility of physical damage is much greater (and thus possibly greater psycological damage) when it is the man doing the statutory raping.

Aside from all this, I am in total agreement with Marti's first statement. Unless the male student has not reached puberty, I just cannot conceive of even a remote possibility that he was scarred by the encounter. I mean, the teacher doesn't look much older than 20 to me, and with a little makeup (mug shots always look horrible) she's probably quite a cutie.

I dunno. I think I might have to high-five my son if he ever told me this happened to him. Unless of course the teacher was a 400lb water buffalo. Then I'd sue the shit out of the school and teacher.
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