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Horma, I called my mommy and she told me I was right, so pffft, THERE!!!!

It is YOU who fails to understand the simplicity of the issue and prefer to hide behind the term "pro choice" when you want to give a woman the 'right' to kill her child. And did I ever post that I was "Pro Life"? NO!!! If I were "pro life", then I would have to be "anti capital punishment", which I am not. I am "ANTI ABORTION", plain and simple. I am AGAINST the killing of unborn children. The argument you posted I have heard countless times given by the "Pro Abortion" side, \whine "I am not pro abortion, I just want the woman to have a choice". Abortion is NOT a choice, any more than homocide is a choice. And like we both said, neither of us will budge on the issue, it is an endless argument.
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