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First of all, this never happens.
Completely incorrect and I know it to be incorrect because an Aunt of mine was told that she was too frail to carry her pregnancy to term due to her small size, having suffered from a muscle disorder as a child.

The numbers are higher then you think.

Secondly, mothers who have AIDs over 6 months before conception have a 1 in 25 chance of having a baby that does not carry the HIV virus. Mothers who contract AIDs during the pregnancy dont have the odds you've suggested.

We had this discussion not so long ago and I am totally in favour of the right to abortion in cases such as those described above.

Down Syndrome,
Vegetative state induced by trauma during pregnancy,
the list goes on.

And I guarantee to all you "pro-lifers" that you too will apreciate the right to abortion when the doctor first tells you that your baby is never going to be a normal healthy baby.
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