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Originally Posted by AresProphet
You know where I stand on the matter so I have little input except a solution for stopping the "slippery slope" argument about, "When is it a child?"

Hindsight. We can look back at millions upon millions of premature births, and make our decision based on that. Here's how the process might look:

Determine at what age is there a statistically significant chance of survival. Say, a four month old fetus might have a 90% chance to live, a three month fetus a 70% chance, and so on... decide whatever % is most reasonable.

Read this carefully and realize i'm not actually talking about premature births, but instead allowing us to determine at what age we can consider a fetus to be a child, using information at our disposal.
So a human being's dignity is in statistics if it can survive or not...? As a Cancer patient with a 10% possibillity os survival isn't a human?

Originally Posted by AresProphet
Other than that, if parents choosing an abortion are made well aware of the risks involved I can't say much else. It's a choice you made, so don't go trying to blame anyone else for it.
Pick up a pamphlet at a local Planned Parenthood. They will tell you abortions are very safe. And to this day legally they are still allowed to lie to you about a multitude of things.

They don't have to tell you correct statistics.

They don't have to tell you the risks.

In fact, they do prey on women. You know how many cases when to trial, books written, and protests over traumitized teenagers going to Planned Parenthood and being talked into aborting?

Planned Parenthood is a buisness that makes its money on contraception and abortions. And don't buy that non-for-profit crap.

If they truly were not a buisness, a week after 9/11, there were NO ABORTIONS in NYC. None. People were in to much grief and realized humanity for at least a short while.

Planned Parenthood advertised free abortions to get people to come back.
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