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What you are pointing to is equal regard under law. Yes, you are right, no one can marry the same sex, so in that the law regards them equally.

That is not the same as equal APPLICATION of law. If one law affects two people unequally, then it must be considered whether that inequality is inherent in the law itself, or simply in the way the court applied it. If it was the court's fault, you have grounds for appeal... if the law inherently applies unequally, it might violate constitutionality.

Example: Sodomy laws in Texas. These laws, according to your logic applied to gays and straights. Neither one could legitimately star in a movie called Anal Intruders. However, the law was struck down, because it was determined that this law inherently was more restrictive on gays than straights. That is the law, in its intended application had a greater effect on some people than it did on others. On this basis it was struck down as unconstitutional.

Say there was a law that dictated how voting booths were constructed, in order to maintain consistancy... unfortunately the design required the top row of levers to be 6.5 feet off the ground, and absolutely no items were allowed in teh booth (such as a stool)... okay, so everyone uses the same machine... but short people get screwed.... similiar concept.

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a Bull will hump an artificial vagina without never having humped the real thing.
Living in Texas, I have witniessed this happen... everytime I have seen it, they use a mare in heat that the bull sees and gets all excited, then they use a mounting dummy that it runs and mounts while they do... the business. I haven't ever seen them use a bull who just runs up and humps the ... "artificial part"...
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