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Regarding fish in the sea and a lack of proof thereof when fishing, perhaps this isn't Faith that there are fish in the sea but simple optimism. Proof that there was a fish in the sea can be had from catching the last fish in the sea. It says nothing about fish in the sea further than that single fish. If you have faith there are more fish left in the sea, you'll still catch nothing.

About physical arousal for one sex over another, a Bull will hump an artificial vagina without never having humped the real thing. It will get aroused by an artificial stimulis such as eyeballing its artificial vagina entity when it is led to the thing. About the only biology involved in physical arousal is associating your equipment with sex acts by choice which is what sexual preference means. People play with themselves using sex toys made of constructed inanimate materials and others have fantasy sex (daydream about sex even). Nobody is glued to the channel at birth with respect to what physical wavelength they are on in life. Sexuality can be behaviourally disordered across an entire spectrum of different problems, quite obviously.
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"Fair enough. I don't agree with anyone all the time."
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