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Originally Posted by Pafuna View Post
Fuck, if you can't handle the Serbs, don't even bother coming here, 'cause places like Compton and Bed-Stuy are better armed than most third-world nations..
Rest of the post was good. This

Serbs...fighting pretty much for about...2000 years...remember that spot on the risk board between Europe and Asia that no one ever held for even one turn? They live there.

Designer "Gangsta" shoes and a sense of injured entitlement dont quite compete, nor does "pooky got shot!" quite stand up to "I went out for a smoke and when I came back everyone was dead...I don't know who the govoernment is anymore." (that one was true...told to me by a survivor who was lucky enough to make it here and discover that Southeast DC was like a paradise...if someone shot you police actually came!)
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