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Y'know, I remember these very same concerns in the '80s, when extremist militia groups were ranting on about this very same stuff. Great tidbits like:

- The UN is empowered to usurp U.S. sovereignty and invade us at a given signal

- Black UN helicopters were ready to swarm our towns and cities in the event of an uprising

- NATO troops were ready to invade from Mexico and Canada and invasion routes were marked by holographic images on the backs of street signs

I see this stuff now and laugh my ass off, first and foremost because there are several glaring facts that counter all of this -

- The US provides fully half of the UN's annual operating budget, making us essentially the majority shareholder in the 'New World Order'. Congress has long been clamoring for cutting off funding of the UN, which the Executive Branch has been loathe to do since being in the cabal that is the UN gives us MUCH greater leverage since we plough so much money into it.

Moreover, the US is the leader in providing foreign aid to the world, period. The world knows this and while sometimes yakking against the evil US, ultimately, at the end of the day, foreign governments down on their luck come to the US with their hands out. Whatever redistribution of wealth conspiracy schemes the loonitarians are screaming about already happen every time the US cuts a check to some third-world jerkwater looking for a few million bucks to buy 'food for its citizens' (translation: arms and ammo for the next coup).

The lesson? Money talks.

- The UN operates under a charter, meaning an agreement between partners. The US, along with eight other powers, is a senior partner, ergo that whatever sly gimmicks other nations attempt will ultimately come before the senior partners, who have the resources, capital, and muscle to dismiss such ridiculous initiatives. In short, the US is the most equal among equals.

Does anyone really think that the majority of nations in the UN have anywhere near the resources to force any of the five members of the Security Council to do anything? Shit, the world can't get a third-rate country in the middle of Africa to stop killing its own citizens, thank you very much, what makes anyone think that the US will fork over its capital just because some rinky-dink UN resolution makes it happen?

The lesson? Bullshit walks.

- Finally, I point out that such a clever scheme takes precision planning, leverage, and teamwork, not to mention a wealth of resources. The UN couldn't leave a burning building together.

What's more, this new-found UN 'power' requires the muscle to back it up. When, if ever, has any UN-mandated peacekeeping force been able to fend off all but the most timid rock-throwing teenagers? Are you seriously telling me that the combined combat power of the UN is so vaunted that 400 peacekeepers in Bosnia had to be rescued from Serbian forces? Seriously?

Fuck, if you can't handle the Serbs, don't even bother coming here, 'cause places like Compton and Bed-Stuy are better armed than most third-world nations.

The lesson? Paper tigers tend to burn quickly in the harsh heat of political reality.

Thus endeth the lesson.
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