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Sociopathic bully?
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Originally Posted by Felessan
Was this an attempt to dig at myself, Flub, and Trech?
I didn't know you were from LA also Felessan (or I'd forgotten if you'd ever said here). But yes, this was a lighthearted jab at Flub, Trith and Trech

However, Felessan and a few of you failed to read the story. This is not a regulation set to go in effect purely at the schools- this would affect the entire population. 23 year old girls going out to the clubs would not be allowed to show a little thong over their low-slung hip-huggers. This is a law for the general public, not just public schoolchildren.

It means, as the rep from the ACLU was quoted about, that plumbers will no longer be allowed to let the waistband of their BVDs show when working under the sink.
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