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You could also point out that gays are just acting on thier "reflex" also...what makes your reflex preferable to thiers? This is why morals is based on logic and reason. Your reflex might be preferable... but you have to offer a logical justification of why yours is preferable. Jsut becasue they are in a minority does not mean thier reflex is unnatural, I have seen no indication of "unnatural" influence at work creating this situation... it is not the side effect or induced state by manufactured drugs, afaik.... and has been a consistant part of human developement (~10 percent rule)... so seems to me to be a naturally occurring minority group. Kinf of like babies born with an extended spine that looks like a tail... sure some primitive people would call it "unnatural" or "demonic" or something equally absurd... but we know now that it is quite a naturally occurring situation, even if in the minority of babies.
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