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Originally Posted by Brigiid
You're putting words into my mouth, here. I haven't said that the person/being/whatever that created life as we know it was all-powerful or all-knowing. You made that up.

The epiglottis is designed to keep these two structures from interfering with each other. There was a plan there. The fact that it wasn't created to account for every random instance in life where something might go wrong doesn't mean there wasn't an intelligent design.

Fine. A lot of Christians think their God is all knowing and all poweful. If he can make mistakes, then I guess we can attribute life to him. The only problem is, I think I could design a better breathing system with a bit of work. I'm pretty sure there are doctors and biologists who could. Outside breathing tubes, at the very least I doubt I'd include an appendix that explodes and kills people on occasion (less since surgery became common). I'm sure by myself I couldn't design a better human easily, but I feel fairly confident a NASA like collection of doctors and scientists could (design, not build yet). That begs the question of the level of competency of God.

Originally Posted by Brigiid
What do you mean? How many definitions of creation do you think there are?
Well, Brigiid, you yourself have covered several ideas. So have others. Macroevolution or, origin of life on Earth, or creation of the universe? Young Earth Creationism? Intelligent Design? Old Earth Creationism? Hindu mythos? Muslim creation? Greek pantheon? Zooroastrianism? Australian Aboriginal? Aztec? Mayan? etc etc etc etc?

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Can you show me where it says that creation didn't happen?
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Also, if you could please define what you mean by creation above, it would help a lot for me to present arguments that match what you think creation is.
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What do you mean by creation?
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