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Originally Posted by Drysdale View Post
You mean like the culture you come from?
The Muslim Culture is violent Drys........ stereotypical or not it is hard not to come to this conclusion, now if the just went out and had fist fights Id say oh well things happen but it seems you see them always going out and killing MASSES of people at a time, not just one person whom wronged them.

This man is an American, im not saying that all middle eastern people are violent BUT look at the young lady in Arizona MURDERED by her own father because she was to westernized.......... now I dunno maybe this happens with "Christian" families too but I never hear of it and as LIBERAL as our newpapers are in this country I will assume that it would be BIG news.

That all being said I think it is also a bit assinine to say ALL Muslims are guilty of being murderers I am sure like with Christianity there are different denominations (if you will) of the religion, some of which frown on episodes like this.

You also see so called Christians going out and bombing abortion centers.........

Shit i better shut up or Im going to talk myself into thinking the whole damn world is crazy.
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