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Well to be honest with you Dread, I'm not into alot of guild politics.

If I'm fighting amongst a bunch of rejects to hear you tell it, then somewhere between the guild they were booted from and TE, they have developed a whole new outlook on being a good guildie. Somehow, I just can't picture the majority of TE members being booted from other guilds. Number one, the members are too good of players and Number two, I haven't noticed anyone being obnoxious over guild chat. IMHO those are two keys signs to look for

I do know TE was formed by a bunch of Ingame and RL friends from over 3+ years and like Trith and Trech said, the other members mostly know each other thru being guilded together at one time or another or from a guild disbandment.

Now, you say I'm missing the point. Your missing the point. I'm still trying to get someone to tell me where TE has truely been out doing evil things, such as KS'ing an engaged mob? I don't think anyone can.
I'm not missing anything, I'm having a blast in EQ again and I owe that to being around a bunch of good players that enjoy having fun in game. Maybe thats what makes us Evil. Maybe its because we truely know how to have fun. You jealous Dread? or what? Just what is it that people are flaming us for? Surely its not because of a overly out dated rotation. Whats the real reason?
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