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I seem to know that the world doesn't need to rely on the rotation...TE showed that by KSing it. lol. Look at all the problems it caused. Only the guilds sitting on it are complaining. Why?
Can anyone give a GOOD reason why they are? No. it comes down to being simply you higher level chars in your big guilds can't handle the fact that a smaller guild went in and took what you feel was yours. I guess VS had the next guild in lines name on him.

TE did you see that VS or TRAK had anyone on their agro list?

Geez, I wonder if they will ever have my name scribed on them. Well, I'm not a wizzy or chanter...MONK...Naw, only reason to take him down is xp or helping TE or any other guild that wants to screw over this rotation crap.

Here is a novel idea...Lets drop the thread cuz you will never be right and guilds doing things like Team Evil will never be wrong.
If you don't like that then you can continue to piss and moan about it out here on these boards. I guess that you with your hundreads of posts feel that this makes your life complete.

I really would like to know how many of the high end guilds that are on the rotation still need the item....and how many are farming the item for sales in the Bazaar. I can't believe you think...Also, why is it only a select few posting in support of the rotation. (ZEL, Kemora, and a handful of others.) Put up reason why more are against the rotation than for it. If you can't then STFU!
If you can get every guild member on the rotation to say, that we still need it then I will bow out and STFU. I figure that you can't get this done. But if you try...GL
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