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Originally Posted by Heirophantxg80
IMO, there is no difference between a smoker subjecting someone to their smoke and someone playing Russian Roulette(sp) with an unwilling partner. Sure it may not kill them, but its THEIR life your playing with and thats just wrong.
Sooo Holding a gun to someones head and pulling the trigger is the same as standing 20 or more feet away in an open air area where either one can walk away? You Sir are a Moron.

I have been smoking since I was 18 (32 now), and I always try to be considerate of nonsmokers wheither they are assholes or not.

I swear to god I am going to get a loan to start a bunch on campains to get fast food places outlawed. California used to be a place I wanted to visit, but now the only time you will catch me there is when I am passing through on my way into or out of country.

NOTE: This is not directed at all non smokers just the ones that feel everyone should live like they do.
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