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Default So let me get this straight?

Ok to all you smokers out there who get offended by people who don't wish to be around your highly toxic smoke, and then get offended when they say something or enact laws to protect people from it, lets get some facts STRAIGHT!

-Cigarette smoke carries in it many known carcinogens and other harmful

-Cigarette smoke is rated on par with Benzine and other highly toxic
carcinogens for its drastic effects on the health of people.

-Secondhand smoke is just as toxic, or even moreso, as firsthand smoke.
Thus exposure to it is JUST as harmful as you smoking the cigarette

So, with that said, and along with the other points brought up here by people concerned about their health, I say this, WHERE DO YOU GET OFF THINKING YOU CAN SMOKE WHERE YOU PLEASE!You think it is your right to spread a highly toxic cloud around because you feel it is a violation of your civil liberties. By your logic, I should be able to crack a drum of benzine open, or a cannister of Agent Orange, or even a Toxic Waste Barrel, around you cause it makes me feel good and you are violating my civil liberties by telling me to stop! But I can't do these things. Ya wanna know why? Because they are illegal and would pose a highly dangerous health risk to those around me. Hell, when you think of the toxicity rating of cigarette smoke, it should require a HazMat team to cleanup up after someone who lights up(Thats a little extreme but the point is cigarette smoke is rated just as dangerous as substances that do require HazMat cleanup, like Benzine)

Please people, get real, smoking is being banned BECAUSE of its highly toxic nature. If you can't understand why people are afraid of the effects of the smoke that you smokers produce on their health, why don't you come over here to Buffalo NY and visit Roswel Park and some of the patients who are now DIEING from smoking related diseases such as lung cancer!

I could continue, but enough has been said already. I am highly against smoking in public and exsposing it to others. IMO, there is no difference between a smoker subjecting someone to their smoke and someone playing Russian Roulette(sp) with an unwilling partner. Sure it may not kill them, but its THEIR life your playing with and thats just wrong.

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