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Hm, get a life. Let me contemplate that.

I work a full time job. [ Yes! That means at a minimum of 40 hours a week which I spend at the hands of ClientLogic, doing their evil bidding ] I have three children, all of which have to be attended too by means of entertainment and nurishment. I have my own house which I keep as clean as possible. You know, chores without a weekly allowance? Or are you not old enough to understand that yet. I have a husband which needs entertainment and nurishment as well. And I have a social life, which involves extra activites either at my home with *gasp!* real life friends or spending time with said real life friends at their homes or out in Huntington, enjoying our lives away from the constant strain of a computer. I don't play EQ, I play WoW yes, but WoW is built to not have to sit on it for 6 hours for one bubble of exp, and is built for the ability to solo quests and still get exp. I usually play WoW for the hours I have between taking my oldest son to school and coming to work. But yeah, I have no life. Not sure what I should be adding in there somewhere, but if you have any suggestions, feel free.
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