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Originally Posted by Rheaton
Horm: Bro...may I call you "bro"? .. perhaps I have or have not earned enough of your respect to call you that... anyway, Bro.. What you point out is that "virtuous" is relative. ..and you couldnt be more correct. AQ thinks that blowing up the innocence is virtuous. We think that if innocent die in war, the greater cause is virtuous. Again, I agree with you. However, the reason why many come to God is because they feel and believe that they have indeed found the Truth. The final and absolute Truth that is no longer subjective and is no longer relative.
Here in lies one of your fundamental problems though. You assume that your "Truth" (and the whole capitalization things is really beyond fucking pretentious) is the end of the road for all who seek enlightenment. That's baffling to me- the degree of conceit involved in that is simply off the charts.

Dont you believe that what you believe is truth and absolute? Surely you do or otherwise you wouldnt reply. You will find, however, that your "truths" will very, change and adjust as you get older... is there virtue in that? No... Otherwise come fuck me, give me $100, then tell your wife it never happened. Virtue cannot be associated with something that is subjective and relative. The only way we agree with virtue is that it is Truth and Absolute. Right?
This is a character flaw of yours- the insistence that so much of life is black or white, right or wrong. People who view life in this way are invariably simpletons or religious and frequently religious simpletons. I don't think you're a simpleton, but I do think you subscribe to a dangerous brand of religion that ignores empirical evidence on the basis of faith. As trite as it sounds, life is mostly shades of gray. Failure to acknowledge that takes either ignorance or denial.

I'm really confused by your offer though. For one thing I have no idea what it's meant to prove. For another, I'm stuck somewhere between flattered and horrified. One thing I'm absolutely sure of though, is that you're not my type and I'll respectfully pass
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