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Default no one wants mah?

no one wants me to be grouped with them? :'( i'm a lvl 53 Shadowknight looking for a serious Grind Group when i get back into the game next monday... i could really use a preformed group that way i don't have to wait for an hour to get a group when i get back on, i get limited online time to play Everquest so if i coudl get a group instantly then that would be awesome, i hate getting on and going to each major grind place to try to get a group, just takes too much time. if anyone could use me let me know, i'm uber at groupage and i won't let ya down... (i'm also looking to join a guild, so far Arakhne and Order of Flaming Shrine has invited me to join them, but i have yet to decide.

so please, if you coudl use an UBER SK, pick me pick me!!
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