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Originally Posted by Davek
(ok, I know they are primates...but stilll...WTF happened to IWX? Anyone know?)
I've been here. I've just been busy with a couple of projects and some other junk, and told myself not to post here until I was finished or nearly finished. I got a new office with double the space, one of my closest friends shipped out for another year in Iraq so I'm keeping an eye on his wife and kids, another close friend transferred out of town so I've been visiting to keep her sane, etc.* As for the projects, I should have one posted online pretty soon since I finally got Premiere Pro installed and figured out. It's actually been almost completely finished for a long time, but I was waiting on media and I still need approval from someone before it goes public. He said he's almost certain he'll be OK with it, but just to be safe I'm having him scrutinize it beforehand to save him any undue embarrassment. The other project is... well, she's a little more complicated

One of you contacted me to see what was up several weeks ago, so she's well aware of what I'm talking about.

* Don't worry, I'm not really as nice as that all sounds. No need to change your pre-established opinions of me.
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