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After reading some of the stupid fucking retarded shit posted by some of you gutless, beany-babied balled, wanna-be French citizens, I don't think I would agree with the draft anymore.

I live in Wyoming, not much for terrorist targets here, so I'll just sit back, wait for all the urban areas to be 'cleansed' , then start our own country with whats left. None of us are going to be targets, so why the hell should I waste my good life to save your sorry asses? I am too damn useful and productive to society. I drill and pump that oil that lines all the rich people's pockets. I even help mine some of that coal that fires all those polluting power plants.

Next time any fucktards say it isn't our war, and it is unjustified, think about those 3,000 New Yorkers that were of no consequence to me....oh wait a minute, I would still give my life up to avenge them, and to protect all of you useless whiners that use the rights some have given their lives to protect.

Draft /ON

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