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fucking freedom indeed, freedom to kill is all you are interested in, shoving your view down someone elses throat is all you care about.
You mean like Osama Bin Laden is trying to do to innocent US citizens? You mean like the 3000+ people murdered in the name of "Jihad" on 9/11. You mean like the 200+ who burned alive slowly at the Pentagon? You mean like the servicemen of the USS Cole who were ripped in half by Al Qaeda bombs? Like the several hundred Spaniards killed in the hundreds of Iraqis being murdered as pawns in an Al Qaeda game now in the Middle East?

Like those I suppose? I stand by what I say. You haven't got the guts to stand up for your own safety and freedom. You are scared you might actually have to do something to procure your own freedom and your families' safety. I hope you don't have children because how in the hell could you sleep at night knowing you would leave them to be killed by terrorists so you could save you ass and run to ..NZ..was it?

If there is any "bitch" have proven it to be no one other than yourself.

The real difference between me and you? If there was a way I got called in a draft...I would not hesitate to defend my family..and unfortunately your sorry draft dodging ass too. That's probably the greatest tragedy here..that there are conscientous Americans who DO their duty and have/will/are dieing for YOU in every armed conflict and you openly admit you are too little of a person to reciprocate your duties as a man. And even worse you try and disguise it behind some half concocted unintelligable trash about.."bugeymen"? WTF are you on?

Draft calls, and your number comes fucking's that simple. If you don' were not born with a pair.
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