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Default Re: My reason for winning

Not to dishearten, but when I was 52 I intentionally deleved and held myself up to try for white and red scales. Here are the results of that deleveling project:

Total Vox raids 30+
Total Naggy raids 30+

Total number of scales I won from those raids combined: Zero

I have more tishan orbs in the bank and other dragon raid crap then I care to think about. While I agree it may seem unfair, the best way to get the scales (as others have suggested) is to organize the raids yourself. I never did this, rather I gave up on my epic and worked on leveling instead, and enjoyed the game far more for doing so. There is more to the game than your epic, so get out there and enjoy it. There are more than Naggy/Vox for sources for scales. Yes I eventually got mine, but I was 60 when I got it, and I really truely felt like I earned it, but more importantly, I had FUN getting there.
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