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IDFDave drove up to Canada and headed to Ottawa to check out the Bush protest. I want all of you to know that what you see here is not representative of Canadians, after all we have the same morons in America. Also alot of people French and Muslims had to be bussed in from Quebec. The crowd was mostly composed of left wing anarchists, communists, Islamists, and French. 30% of the crowd was kids who were barely in their teens and came out to join the excitement so they could tell their friends they stood up to cops.
Of course you did read the page instead of just looking at the pretty pictures? Sure a lot of us don't like Bush, but a lot of us don't give a shit (in my case, that's an additional service and you'd have to pay for it).
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I know, you're in Ottawa, Davek. Still, I can't help but /poke you.
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