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Originally Posted by Davek View Post
  • Started EQ Dec 26th, 1999
  • Age 29
  • Had just recently become single again after a 5 year relationship.
  • Lived alone in an apartment 3 blocks from work and half a block from the bar I frequented.
  • Work: government job doing desktop support for about 1000 clients
  • Was into moderate/heavy use of cocaine.
  • Age 38 (39 end of July)
  • Met my commonlaw partner in March of 2000 and still happily together.
  • Bought the freehold townhome next to my partner 3 years ago and we opened it up to make one unit.
  • Work: Same government job(yay security!) but now I'm doing user account management for about 20,000 clients
  • EQ addiction was > cocaine addiction(I didn't like my characters dying so much, which tended to happen when I played "high") Kicked the cocaine bit and hung around EQ until March of 2008.
  • Yes, I figure EQ probably saved my life.
  • Now addicted to WoW.
  • Some updates since 2009:
  • turning 44 this week
  • still with partner I met in March of 2000
  • no kids(yay!)
  • same job and home (yay!)
  • quit smoking on Sept 11, 2009
  • still drug free and mostly alcohol free(I hate the way I get when I get drunk - so now it's maybe a glass of wine with dinner once a month if that. Beer is now out of the question (see below))
  • still playing WoW (alt-itis has me with 23 max level chars now)
  • I had been diagnosed clinically depressed for years and docs were considering to put me on Welbutrin. End of Jan 2014 I discovered I had an intolerance to wheat. Within a week of trying gluten free, depression went away. Really? That's all it fucking was? Geez. Since then I've finally got energy and started up with a circuit training class and eating way healthier. I've shed about 40 pounds since then. Still want to lose another 20-30 but not going to kill myself doing it. It's a slow process and not beating myself up over it anymore like I used to.
  • still have my hair(although I keep it buzzed) More gray popping in but nothing major. Still way more pepper than salt.
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I know, you're in Ottawa, Davek. Still, I can't help but /poke you.
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And you wonder why I don't play nice with you? You leave my man buttons alone.. Those are Davek's.
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