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im basically Marty McFly from back to the future. i started eq in february or march 1999, i had a shitty job. shitty car and was single. fast forward 10 years. ditto shitty job/car/relationships. only difference instead of being an uberguild shaman im a GDI (god damned independent) Undead (duh) lv 80 warrior on Rexxar in WoW. no longer have time to raid all night and day and really have no desire to do so anymore, though i miss a lot of my Emarr friends and i miss many of the emarr moments we had. those things cant be reproduced in WoW or any other game ive come across since i quit back in 2004. i guess it will remain a weird moment in my life. Starz keeps showing this movie called The New Guy and one of the characters is some fat black kid who is obsessed with EQ. to this day i can tell the scriptwriter never played EQ. one line goes. Wow man you just reached the 50th level of Kunark!" i was like uh wha? is that supposed to be make sense?
here at 3:37

dummies. anywho i guess ill go back to lurking again. have a good summer all.
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