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Started September '99. Was unemployed, just finished a dip. Eng (Manuf.). Age 40. Played Barb War., Kissane (Riptrace) joined Blades of Honor shortly after dual wield or dbl attack (can't remember which comes after which). Made level 17 or 18 and went on a Roadtrip with Nell, a druid guildie (level 13 and batshit crazy) toward some dungeon raid in the Commons (think mummies, fetid rats, skellies, locked doors and a Well with player-made corpse pile at bottom). By the time we made it to Highkeep I'd lost 2 levels. Then died in roughly the middle of the Kithicorr zone.

After 14-15 maybe deaths running from Halas to HHK, including the stupid Werewolf and the Goblin Messenger; Hill Giants, Cyclopses and Griffennes, Highland Lions; teh frikkin visibility down to a hair past the toes, total rain for visibility in daylight and so forth; like almost Zero Sense Heading and no landmark for guidance etc etc, Bandits on the road ..yada yada... yada yada.. the CR made Tolstoy's "War and Peace" look like a light novella. Kissane's skill in Hand to hand went up quite a bit and the fun factor went into negative. That was the end of Kissane till after Luclin.

I made a druid, Mistyglen, around December '99 and in 5-6 months got him to 50 (about the time the cap went to 60). My credit card went on life support and I was out of game for 6 months. Came back and Velious opened. Another 6 months out of game with an ailing credit card followed Velious, and again after Luclin (almost 12 months) and short periods after the PoP expansion and again after LoY, LDoN, GoD. By the time OoW came I played mostly a Beastlord and Ranger. I gave up trying to progress a single main, gradually the emarr player-base fragmented away such that the generation from my level range (Dec. '99) that still remained were but a handfull. Each time I came back something had left the game. I hardly knew or remembered who I'd used ta knew, the zones that were natural level progressions became graveyards of abandoned content. Something I had loved about the game died and progressively faded away. Like the generation of players that had started EQ with me in Halas and Surefall Glade.

Today I am a social sciences student at La Trobe uni (Bundoora campus), my right hand is in plaster with the pinkie wired together just behind the knuckle. A certain ass hat neighbor half my age, and same height and weight has not bothered me again ..since I busted da pinkie... odd how things correlate. EQ has been behind me around 4 years ago perhaps. I am still in the same x1 BR flat and I'm an old bloke, grey-bearded, thoughtful and solitary.
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