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Started in November 2000.
I was 35.
I was married to my first wife. We both played EQ on the same comp.
My wife then was an adjunct professor at a college.
I had two dogs, one still with me, the other passed away.
I owned one home and drove a 1995 Grand Am.
I was prepress manager at my newspaper which was a NY Times paper.
No kids, but two miscarriages.

I am 44
I am married to my second wife.
I have two dogs, she has one cat and two birds.
We are a commuter marriage.
We own two homes.
I have an '03 Dodge Ram, a '72 VW Beetle and an '08 Ford Focus She has an '02 Subaru Forrester.
I am Production Director now and my paper has been sold out of the NY Times company to a private owner. My wife is Sr. Art Director at a cable TV network.
I weigh less than I did then but am still out of shape, although I do weights twice a week.
I don't play any games but miss EQ a little bit but hated the grind.
No kids for either of us.
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