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  • Started EQ in October 2000 before SOV was released
  • I was 36 years old and working as a "Build Master" for Getty Images
  • I was married, still am married to the same woman
  • I drove a Jeep Cherokee (1993 model) which was one of the best vehicles I ever owned
  • Had two kids in elementary school
  • Owned a bunch of dot com stock that looked like it would go up in value forever
  • Was working on creating multiple personalities through drinking copious amounts of booze
My favorite game memory turns out to be my first night in game. I had been playing Unreal Tournament on-line for a while and I knew nothing about MMORPGs. My initial thought was that I had to "kill" other PCs in order to gain experience and when I tried it didn't work. So, in a moment of brilliant retardation I trained a bunch of skeletons to newbie log in Nektulous and watched as about five PCs were wiped out, the whole time I was looking at my screen to see if I would get game notifications I had received experience points. Instead, I rightfully got a bunch of PMs telling me what a tard I was. Needless to say, I figured out that there were no points on EMarr server to be had for killing PCs. I was a bit dissapointed.


  • I am still married to the same wonderful wife. Been married 23 years. Why she sticks with me I don't know.
  • I don't drink heavily anymore. Drunkeness and binge drinking was working hard against me on all fronts in my life. You all saw some of that here on SV.
  • I became a Christian through the immense mercy and grace of God.
  • I now drive a 2003 Jeep Wrangler which is even better than my old Cherokee. It rocks!
  • I don't work for anyone anymore. I now own a business and am incorporated in the State of Washington.
  • When the dot com bubble burst I lost about 80% of my portfolio. The IRS followed up behind the bubble burst and cleaned up any stragglers with a series of audits. Thank you "Uncle Sam"!
  • I play EQ 2 on occasion. I still can't seem to kick my gaming habit totally. Not really a bad thing.
  • I traded all my multiple personalities in for "Lurikeen the Christian" some here find boring.
  • I am now 45. My daughter is in college (I joined the NRA because of it. LOL) and my son is in junior high.
"All I said was... that bit of halibut is good enough for Jehovah." óMonty Python's "Life of Brian"

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