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Default Mushroom Boy

I'm so surprised. NOT!

When confronted with the truth, you duck and twist and lash out. You ought to have played a bard.

No, I'm not a liar. I never said you derided anyone's skills. You claimed that you never commented upon anyone's playing ability. I demonstrated that to be untrue. No interpretation used, just your very own words. You're just too crazy to admit it.

Well, you "challenged" me to prove you'd commented upon someone's skills and called me a liar for not meeting your challenge. Except I had, so now it's your turn. You meet my challenge, I'll admit my error and apologize. It's more than you've ever had the maturity or grace to do, but that's just the kind of guy I am.

I'm not qualified to discuss God? I'm so hurt by that. Even the greatest sinner can discuss He that may condemn him. You aren't qualified to discuss anything, for you won't discuss anything. You just stand on a hill and make your denouncements, and ignore all evidence to the contrary. Very sad and very immature.

Talking in circles with you is getting boring again. I doubt I'll keep it up.
- The SOB formerly known as Raedwulf
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