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i dont know about the race, but the Drakkin as a model are the weakest effort ever. Crescent Reach may as well have been just another human/halfelf/wood elf starting city WITH FRECKLES!

They needed to expand the max number of tasks you can have to about 99 for this expansion. The WoW-ification (or EQ2-ification) of Everquest continues... Talk to an npc, they hand you gold and experience. Or something very close to that.

On the positive, the zones and mobs look pretty good.

im with caeelar, i was really interested in the whole Bixie thing, and Stonehive is a great looking zone with many tasks and quests to do.(see the Scout camp in Blightfire for most of them mid20s to mid30s) Only problem there,was for regular lowbie xping, every mob drops like 5 quest items that are no trade, hidecorpse hotkey will get some workout there.

The green and lightblue named in some of the lower level zones seem pretty tough to solo. Lots of them want to spawn multiple adds midfight.

The lag factor is rough in some areas. They really pushed the mist/waterfall/oceanspray/lava steam/smoke/ 100k particles per 8x8x8 pixel area in this expansion. Someone tell me how to turn that crap off.
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