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Originally Posted by Tuan00Dorf
Which is when you want a law to answer your question "at what age do you think it's appropriate for people to start having sex?", it's not easy. So why do you keep asking for specific ages? It's not that simple.
So are you ok with a 40 year old man having sex with your teenage daughter?

Hell why not just pull all sexual predator laws off the book I mean who says 10 year olds don't enjoy sex? where does it stop?

Also, you ask what age is appropriate for having sex.... I don't know and I don't care where it starts I just think that a man in bumfucked Egypt shouldnt be marrying 16 year old girls while another man in another state is doing prison time for the same actions......

Once again your prove how big an idiot you are Ice...... age was a factor in it from the get go, I could care less how many fucking adult women are fucking 120 year old men or vice versa.......... age IS THE ONLY FACTOR IN IT YOU MORON everything else I could care less about, how they do it, where they do it, when they do it I really don't care.
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