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Cars are surprisingly resistant to bullets, especially considering police officers use weapons lower on the penetration scale due to deaths to stray fire when they carried elephant guns and shit.
I was not aware that any police, on any continent, at any period throughout the history of the world, have ever carried anything that could even remotely be considered an "elephant gun." Guns used to kill elephants are generally around .50 caliber or larger (altho not all are over .50) and are belted rifle cartridges, which carry a MUCH larger bullet and MUCH higher powder charge than a handgun like police use. The largest handgun I have ever heard of being issued to cops is a .45 ACP, which is a peashooter compared to a large game rifle, and most departments don't use anything even near that powerful anyway. most cops carry a 9mm or .40 SW as far as I know.

Cars are suprisingly resistant to projectiles, especially rounds like the 9mm the officers were most likely using, had they been using .40's, which seems to be the new trend in department issue weapons, my thoughts are that would be one dead fucker. A round with relatively small mass decelerates very, very quickly when it hits anything, in some cases just people wearing a couple layers of clothing with a winter coat is enough to make a normal load 9mm non-lethal from point blank range.

But if you really think about it, 120 rounds, while sounding like a hell of a lot, is not really that many considering there were 13 officers involved. They probably each had 15 or 17 round mags, and when one person started shooting, it only takes a few seconds to unload that mag. I think there are a lot of statistics that have studied cop shooting incidents, and found that in the vast majority of them, cops shoot till they empty their mag. Also considering that the majority of cops (albeit not in LA probably) never fire their weapons in the line of duty, when they do, it is a really stressful situation, and people can easily lose control.

I am really not sure why I posted all this crap on a thread I really don't care about, other than I am sitting at work on 3rd shift, tired and bored to crap. =p

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