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Originally Posted by Chuk
what did Barbara Bush say that was incorrect? Some of these people had nothing before the hurricane, they didnt lose anything, now they have shelter and food and will receive free permanent housing with cash in a better area of the country. sounds like Barbara is right. its becuase of people like BeeBee that we have so much PC crap. people attack you for anything you say, even if its true. I guess only the left have freedom of speech, for the "insensitive" right its verboten.
You make it sound as if all the people were living on the street in cardboard boxes. These people had some life there.

Yes, freedom to say anything is important...don't mean you can't get blasted right back for saying something though.
bg85 on another forum:
"i always refer to myself as a "missionary agnostic." that is, not only do i not know shit about shit, but i'm going to try and convince you that you don't know shit about shit either and there's no way for you to know shit about shit."

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