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Inmountains 12-12-2002 12:54 PM

Looking for a guild!
Here is my situation. I live in a very rural area of Southwest Colorado. Just to give you an idea of how rural, about 25 percent of the homes in this area don’t have “running water” (no municipal or well water), 75 percent of the homes are on a septic system and about 10 percent of the homes don’t have electricity other than a personal generator. I live inside the city limits, so I have those three, but the best Internet connect speed I can get is 26,400. The phone lines here were installed in the 1950’s and are copper, there is no fiber line within miles of my home. There is no cable modems, no DSL, no T1 or T3 lines in my area, so I am stuck with my dial up connection.

I have been in Crimson Eternity, United Independent, Kaizen’X and trialed with Affliction. As long as there are around 40 people on a raid, I have no problems. But when the raid attendance gets over 50, I start having problems and above 70 people, the raid is like watching a slide show, with the slide changing every 30 seconds or so. Of course, I go LD not long after that, so I am of no use on a raid with this size force.

I am wondering if there is a guild out there who raids with a 40 plus/minus raid force of folks level 60-65? I am a 64 warrior with 25 AA points, ST weapons and mostly NToV armor. I am flagged for PoS, PoV, TT lair, but had a bug when Affliction killed AD and did not get my HoH flag. If there is a guild that fits these parameters, and is looking for a decent warrior, please post here.



silea 12-12-2002 06:05 PM

Inmountains if you have time and inclination come hang with us a bit. We aren't recruiting. But you will find many old friends in PS.
And there is always room for one more.


The Earth Keeper 12-12-2002 06:32 PM

Sounds like your talking about Center colorado.

Or maybe one of the small towns out on 285 Como or jefferson?

CBA raids with smaller groups then most normally only 24 or 30 people max. However I dont think you would be interested.


Martigan 12-12-2002 07:10 PM

I can vouch for Inmountains. He's a good tank. Here he is in action!

Slayne 12-12-2002 08:00 PM

Inm is good peoples.

Arnwolf Magnuson 12-12-2002 08:37 PM

Heh, I remember Inmountains as a relative n00b hanging around in SolB.

Never had much contact with him, but he always seemed like good people. I know we've grouped a few times.

Arnwolf Magnuson

Baidieneriy 12-12-2002 08:42 PM

Raelven 12-13-2002 06:32 AM

/hug Inm!!

Inmountains 12-13-2002 06:43 AM

Not Central Colorado, very extreme Southwest Colorado, also known as the "Four Corners Area". The nearest town with DSL is Durango, Colorado, but I live 20 miles from there, and the house that I paid $133,000 for last year would cost over $250,000 in Durango, so you know why I don't live there.

Hello to all my friends who posted here, nice to have you post in my thread. My philosophy has always been that all the Uber MOB's in EQ are not as Valuable as a good friendship. When I was in Affliction Trial, I got more enjoyment out of helping a guildie get their PoV/PoS flag, than killing LiS, or AL, or any other MOB. So that is what I am looking for, people that want to have fun, create and maintain friendships, and explore.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Zugzog 12-13-2002 07:26 AM

You are out in BFE! You would be welcomed to check our guild out also, we are always recruiting, but we are still small. We are a very close group of friends but we are VERY open to new people and family. If you wanna check us out send me a tell in game or look for Zuhalter.

myzterys 12-13-2002 07:48 AM

Grouped with ya last night and you had wonderful connection it seemed as i didnt see any problem with about 70 people in zone either :)

Good grouping with ya last night and a Free bump for ya

Khael 12-13-2002 07:50 AM

I agree with what Slayne said, Inmountains (Mike!) is a great guy. Be hard to find someone that disagreed I think.

/wave Mike


Cerden 12-13-2002 01:10 PM

It tends to not matter all the time at how many people are in the zone, just how many are raiding with you(in your general area).

You get flooded with a hell of a lot more packets with everyone chain casting, meleeing, pets, all of that. I hated it, used to be on dial up all last year.. go go DSL. Even if it's at a max of 40KB a sec, I'm loving it!

Braydin 12-13-2002 01:31 PM


You might want to check out Ater Draconis as well, we usually raid in the 30 to 40 people catagory. Just took down Vindi last night (sorry.. first time and all , had to brag some ;) )

Dreadwolff 12-13-2002 06:52 PM

What time slot do you play ?

If it late night US ..give me a tell in game

we raid with 3 - 4 groups max (avg level 62)


Dalian Windbuilde 12-14-2002 08:12 PM

*bonk Inmountains* You suck! hehe
j/k dad.
Anywho, those of you who do not know who I am, I am Inmountain's RL son. My druid, Dalian, is lvl 61. I have to admit that he is a pretty good warrior *bad druid player*, but a better friend then anything to other people that I have seen. And No, I am not saying this because he told me to, lol. He really is a nice person and has sense. Btw Dread, mine and dad's play time is based on Mountain time. He usually plays from around 6pm till 10-11pm. Once in awhile he will stay up past midnight, but not much due to his leaving work early in the morning. Anyways, yeah, there it is folks.

Qool 12-15-2002 09:08 PM

Hey Inmountians,

Been a long time and you probalby don'e remember Q Daddy ... but hey....

Yeah, Inmountains is good people.

You can get a second phone line and basicly dial in twice and Windows and combine that into a single link. I have heard of some satelitte internet providers. Little pricey though. As far as fiber goes, if you go the money, someone will run it out to you. Talk to thte town council or whatever you call it where you live about getting fiber in for the community. Be the town's pioneer in it. You might get a lot of appreciation from everyone else too :p


Inmountains 12-23-2002 01:07 PM

Just an update, finally dinged into 65 last night!!! And I am still looking for a quality, higher end guild that usually raids with less than 50 people. The good news is that I talked with my cable company and we MIGHT get cable modems next year sometime, sure will beat my 26,400 maximum connection speed.

Nimal Loneshadow 12-23-2002 02:35 PM

He is one of the best! YAY INM!

Braydin 12-23-2002 03:43 PM

Re: Update

Originally posted by Inmountains
Just an update, finally dinged into 65 last night!!! And I am still looking for a quality, higher end guild that usually raids with less than 50 people. The good news is that I talked with my cable company and we MIGHT get cable modems next year sometime, sure will beat my 26,400 maximum connection speed.
You saying My guild is not quality... BAH!

Reddoak 12-23-2002 07:44 PM

/comfort Braydin :(

Langree 12-23-2002 08:34 PM

I considered AD a quality guild...

... Then the accepted me...

Hshadow 12-25-2002 08:30 PM

Nice to see you...
Hi Inmountains....

Hshadow 2.0

Lixivia 12-26-2002 08:57 AM

Sattalite Modem any good? Cant be worse than 26400

Treage 12-28-2002 12:22 PM

The latency from a satelite modem I'm pretty sure would be worse than a slow dial-up

The folks at the EQ board all advise against it.
Here's a snipet:


Main Problem with satelites is Ping time to the servers.. The signal has to travel up to the satelite back down to earth to the desinated server and then back to the sat dish, bounce back into the sky then back down to you. When I tested two way satelites my average ping time was around 1000ms or one second. Which would make eq rather lame on responce and such. Granted satelite is great for downloads and surfing the web, it just rather blows for online gaming.

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