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Aaed 02-09-2003 07:11 AM

Team Evil
Perhaps an officer or the gl from te would like to just officially announce to the server about this?

From TE's Charter:


As a guild we do not believe in rotations. That is something you need to know first and foremost. not that we are trying to be assholes but to be frank there are countless mobs in norrath that die daily with out rotations. Why should VS and Trak be so special? They aren't. Team Evil will not be a part of any rotation. Truely Evil? maybe , maybe not but we strive to go against the grain and have a blast doing it. DOWN with the rotations !

What do we expect from our members?

The first thing a member of Team Evil needs to do is relax. What do we mean? Simple. @#%$ is gonna happen, people are gonna rub you wrong, your gonna die 5 minutes before you have to log, someone else is gonna get that piece of loot you been drooling for, we are gonna die 5 times the first time we try to kill that tough sob mob X. What happens to you is 10% how you deal with it is 90%. As a member of Team Evil you will be expected to roll with the punches, don't stress out, know that you can die and still be having the best time of your life. If you can't laugh at your self and laugh with your guildmates do us a favor and hit the back button now. Team Evil is doing its best to provide a guild with low stress and high fun. That cannot be done with anyone who is wound too tight. This is not a high pressure environment it is a game, treat it as such.
So, reading between the lines here, its fun for you all to ignore a system that has a long standing tradition and has gone a long way to keeping tempers in check about these limited spawn mobs? You all can laugh about it, and let the rest of the server that's honoring this worry about you all rubbing us wrong?

Hmm, where have I seen this attitude before, and where did it get them...Hmmm, think think...

WarSheol 02-09-2003 07:38 AM

Very interesting read, I may have missed it but didnt catch any thing that breaks the game rules laid down by SOE.

So the are evil and "Play Nice" as are the rules which say nothing about rotations which if your not in the zone how can you really say I was going to kill that you just beat me no fair.

If you want it go and wait for it. and try not to purposly ruin a Game for all the "little people" yes this is a Game if a bad guy is up people will go after it, and I thought KSing is when you hit a mob first then some one ran up and killed it while you were trying to kill it oh well guess im playing the game wrong if I think that huh?

Not meant to be a harsh statment but rotations only work if the guild who's turn it is are waiting for the mob sence now all have seen and heard much smaller non "uber" guilds can "KS" their way in.

Dont know about the rest of you but I only wish to play the game for fun. It is not a job and it is not real its pixels your all fighting about.

When a game is no longer fun we stop playing.

Good luck to all, will see the fun people in game :)


PS, sorry about any Typo's run on's, or miss interpitations as im very tired lol

Trith 02-09-2003 07:44 AM

Hello Trith here an officer from TE. I would be happy to address your concerns and I would like to start by thanking you for quoting our charter from the guild website. We pride ourselves on it and it means quite a lot to us.

Now to address the concerns you brought up. We, Team Evil, are not in this game to kill steal or grief anyone. We are a group of mature players who have limited time each day to play. We have never, nor do we understand the need for this rotation situation that is still being enforced on mobs that are nearly 4 expansions old. Quite frankly, the rotation is at best silly, and at its worst it is restrictive and monopolistic. Why should any one person, guild, group of poeple tell anyone else they CANNOT kill a certain mob in this game? All of the members of Team Evil pay the exact same dues each month as you and everyone else on the rotation. Therefore we are entitled to the same in game experience.

Now a brief history on the for those of you who don't know will understand why this this is so obsolete its not even funny. The rotation began YEARS ago when 2 superguilds on Emarr could not play nice together and coordinate their kills between VS and Trak. They decided to establish a turn based system until they could find some way to play nice together(At this time VS and Trak were top server mobs with a high risk factor). As more and more guilds became strong enough to try the rotation grew and grew and grew until it became clunky and unmanagaeble. Oddly enough these guilds that formed the rotation are long gone from the rotation and what's left is a hodge-podge of guilds that stay on the rotation because they have either A: been there forever and pass every time their turn comes up, or B: they view it as a status symbol even though it lost all symbolence of that months ago.

For Team Evil, we have decided that to maximize enjoyment of this game, that if a mob we WANT is up we will kill it. Provided that it is not already engaged. We WILL NOT kill steal. We are honest players and adults, but we will be happy to race you if you like. If you engage first we will stand back and cheer you on..if we engage first we expect the same.

We WILL NOT farm mobs, as we find this distasteful and silly. It appears several people here have a fear that Trak or VS will be farmed and that the loss of the rotation would lead to anarchy and the death of Emarr. The only way I can explain this thought process is one of paranoid dillusions. TE has no desire to farm Trak, or VS or anyone else. If we have a member that needs something off them..we may consider doing them again..otherwise, frankly..they are trash mobs and drop trash loot and there are a thousand other things we could be killing with better reward value.

So in closing, we dont have a ranger perma camped in OS..and we wont. The rotation will go and and we say enjoy and be happy. TE has no plans to do Trak or VS any time again becuase we have no one who needs anything form them. We asked NOT to be put on the rotation becuase we dont want the hassle of trying to keep up with that dinosaur. As we stated ..if a few months down the line we find ourselves needed Trak again or VS will we do them? Yes we will and then we will move on again.

Trith Coldheart
65 Arch Lich
Officer Team Evil

Zelgadis 02-09-2003 09:38 AM

I'll be sure to rub dirt in your face if you some how some time farm a mob or group of mobs in any way shape or form, then.

Trech 02-09-2003 10:05 AM

you do that Zel

Trith 02-09-2003 10:23 AM

Zel there was a very good reason why I added you to my ignore list in game yesterday and since you are showing it here I won't go into it with everyone else.

You were the first one to be so paranoid when we killed VS. You absolutely freaked and threw a fit on the message boards screamin anarchy and doom and gloom. How many times have we killed VS since then Zel? Wait..I didn't hear you and I don't think anyone else did..oh I know why it's because we haven't killed him since then. We have no intentions of killing VS again because we don't need him. How long does it take for you to understand this? Are you so paranoid about mob spawns in Norrath that all you have time to do is play Spawn Cop? I will reinforce what I told you yesterday in game..lighten a little and have are taking this game and yourself way to seriously.

Trith Coldheart
65 Arch Lich
Officer of Team Evil

Zelgadis 02-09-2003 10:44 AM

Define, explain, and point out how I was paraonid when I pointed out to you that you were violating the rotation thread rules by posting a little discussion on following the rules yourself, little buddy.

Yup, nothing feels better than being a smart ass, and pointing out the flaws in what you say.

Trith 02-09-2003 11:04 AM

I can't believe you are actually gonna make me do this but oh well..looks like I get to go diggin through old dead posts so here we go..

All quotes to follow are from Zelgadis:


If the server decided to kill the VS/Trak rotations, then Venril Sathir would become another Lodizal.

Like I said... at some point... I think...Venril Sathir would be the next Lodizal camp.

See all those super 1337 Lodizal campers run over and camp Venril Sathir as well and go out auctioning "Selling the chaining of the wizard epic staff!! /rude wizards"

Its greedy people in other smaller guilds that I'm worried about for the people who actually need the drops. Yes, the legs from Venril Sathir could actually be a really good upgrade for certain people.

It won't be permacamped until just one guild gets their wizard epics, it'll be permacamped until the pharming perma campers get the 110k pp for a super horse... each. From selling the loot, that is.


On a side note, I'm sure the guildless wizards will care so less after they KS the rotation against the rules that they'll deguild from being guildless and go apply to Magister or something.


But I'm getting the feeling that a bunch of idiots are spawning (Abrahm for example, and some people who won't give up and won't stop posting about not wanting to follow the rotation rules) who want to bring the Venril Sathir rotation down.
Ok Im getting tired of copy and paste..anyway I see a serious theme here and it is you=paranoid.

Oh and Zelgadis I think a lot of us let it slip when you did it..but please refrain from calling someone that you don't know at all an idiot. Abrahm is about as steadfast as they come. He is the fairest, most honest and motivated guildleader I have had the pleasure of serving under. He NEVER posted here about wanting to buck the rotation..and the only reason you even drug his name into this was because someone else tossed it out in a post and you decided to try and earn brownie points with it. Bad form man..really bad form and trashy.

Anyway go back to the game and have fun..I Know Team Evil will :D

Trith Coldheart
65 Arch Lich
Officer of Team Evil

Trith 02-09-2003 11:11 AM

Hey way to edit your thread their Zel. For those that don't know before he editied his last comment he had simply asked for me to provide any posts where he sounded paranoid. So I did..apparently he remembered that he did sound paranoid and decided to edit his last post. Anyway..what I say stands. Why did I post a bump of the rules in the thread? Well because I'm a nice guy and Kalrie doesn't need the headache of trying to control that thread with a bunch of idiots turning it into a I politely suggested that if anyone wanted to flame TE please do so in another thread so as not to make the work of keeping up with the chaos that is the rotation any harder.


Zelgadis 02-09-2003 11:13 AM

Tell me what part of my post I edited out, and I'll tell you what part of my post I edited in.

And no, you dope smoking pot head, I didn't send you that tell last night about the rotation.

Trith 02-09-2003 11:21 AM god man are you bipolar or what? You sent me 2 tells yesterday in game about the rotation. We were in the middle of Klandicar and I told you I didn't have time to deal with that bullcrap in game and you responded with some kinda freaky thing about How you could type long replies to LADADA LA DO RA RA some shit like that. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or find you some Narcan...dude at least if you are going to do something have the goddamn balls to own up to it. You /t me twice yesterday first about the rotation thread...second with your freaked out tyrade about long replies. At that time I put you on /ignore because I had no desire to play shrink with you.


Zelgadis 02-09-2003 11:27 AM

I do believe my first tell to you was somewhere along the lines of "You should really go by your own advice on the rotations thread and not post something not related to rotation results."

And you replied with something along the lines of "Fuck you, man, you're just paranoid about the game and the rotation! I pay the same amount as you do, and I don't have to deal with this!!" in a big five page format.

And I replied with "Geez, chill out. That was quite unnecessary. So here's something to match your five page reply. Nonsense incoming!"

Go to a counseller. Get help.

But first, tell me how I edited my post, and what I took out to hide. I'll be waiting.

Trith 02-09-2003 11:32 AM

Ok so first you say you didn't send me a you say in your last post you did..

Oggie or any other mod can we get this moved to Rants and Flames where it belongs before any more post editing takes place please..

Oh and no time did I use profanity with you. In fact I wished you well and told you to have a nice day..and my response was three lines long..not 8 pages. But at least you do admit to sending the tell now so we are making progress.


Syanna 02-09-2003 11:39 AM

Hey! Here's a rotation for you, Zel...

How about you kiss my ass on February 11th and then anyone else who has a problem with Team Evil can kiss my ass on February ass will then be ready to be kissed by anyone else that has a problem on February 25th....

Syanna Silverbright
Level 65 Archon
Team Evil

Zelgadis 02-09-2003 11:45 AM

*cough* Big difference between talking about what's going on with the rotation, and telling you to follow your own advice.

Trith 02-09-2003 11:52 AM

Everything you have ever said has been about the rotation. Your tell yesterday was about the rotation and you knew just tried to disguise by bathing it in rotation rules. The point knew what you were doing..and the rule I quoted zel has nothing to do with the rotation in the first damn place. It had to do with keeping Kalrie's thread clean. The fact that you make a snide remark to me about it shows you had alterior motives in that you wished to drag me into yet another boring flame fest about the rotation itself. When does this end Zel? I've got you on ignore in game do I need to do it here too? Give it up..Trak and VS didnt affect you at fact it didn't affect anyone. AnS will get their shot Monday and the world will be happy again..let it go.


Zelgadis 02-09-2003 11:55 AM


and the rule I quoted zel has nothing to do with the rotation in the first damn place
Exactly. Now why are you saying I was sending you tells about the rotation?

deyhawke 02-09-2003 12:00 PM

TE will be attempting to KS (AND FARM) the "SYANNA'S ASS" ROTATION on Feb 28th plzkthx.

Trith, I think Zel has a crush on you.

Zelgadis 02-09-2003 12:02 PM

*puts man-make up on*

Hey big boy. *wink*

Kerrol The Fury 02-09-2003 12:03 PM

The rotation for these two mobs is outdated and unneccessary. I don't understand what the big deal is. They also have relatively fast spawntimes (3 days on trak, did they change VS to 24?)

Trith 02-09-2003 12:05 PM

OMG...I don't think I can take it any more..
ok here Zel..last response then I've had enough and I really need to go do something more fun like trim my lawn with nail clippers.

It was about the rotation because you wanted me to admt that I embraced the rules of the rotation by asking that Kalrie's thread be kept clean. You wanted to back me into a corner so you could say 'But look you are bound by the rotation because you are quoting its rules!" You wanted me to say "Oh my I quoted a rule from the rotation..please put TE on the rotation I'm Sorry!" I didn't quote a rule from the rotation..I quoted Kalrie's request to keep her thread this getting any easier to understand?

You are wrong here Zel..face it..that thread Kalrie has up is about the results of the rotation and number 7 there just happens to state please keep her thread I bumped it because I knew people like you would show up sooner or later trying to grief people who enjoy this game. So you decided in a smart ass way to get into a mind game in tells with me about it when I didn't bite you shot back some incoherant rambling that I didn't have time for.

This thread is a response puts us back to the top and we can just start over there if you like.


Zelgadis 02-09-2003 12:15 PM

Lol, and people said what ever I said was way out of whack.


You wanted me to say "Oh my I quoted a rule from the rotation..please put TE on the rotation I'm Sorry!"
Did I?


So you decided in a smart ass way to get into a mind game in tells with me about it when I didn't bite you shot back some incoherant rambling that I didn't have time for


This thread is a response puts us back to the top and we can just start over there if you like.

Stop blowing everything I say way out of proportion, buddy. Thanks

Flub Man 02-09-2003 12:18 PM


Stop blowing everything I say way out of proportion, buddy. Thanks
Quit getting your panties in a bunch over a rotation that is outdated.

Pankeleonn 02-09-2003 12:19 PM


Isn't there some kind of rules on emarr that keep all the little children busy so they don't fight? Now ive been gone from eq for a while and i'm probably not too far off when i say Trak and Venril are bullshit mobs unless you need your epic. Saying this...



Zelgadis 02-09-2003 12:29 PM

*shrug* Can someone tell me where I was argueing about a rotation in this thread?

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