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warsinger 01-15-2003 05:15 AM

Asia Time Zone Guilds?
My necro just dinged 50 recently, and I'm thinking about joining a guild. The trouble is I'm living in Singapore, which means that I'm usually on at around midnight to 5 am PST, making it difficult to join guild events, raid, or basically all the reasons for joining a social concept like a guild.

My question is: Are there are any Guilds who work on the Asia Pacific timezones? Since I like the idea of raiding and grouping in the planes and hence actually using the 40 bucks I paid for PoP, I'm hoping for a high end guild. Failing that, I'd just like to join a guild in which most of the members will be online while I'm playing. I've checked to search function on the boards, and looked up several guild websites, but apparently most of them don't state their preferred timezones, and those that do are on US time.

Any Asian Timezone guild willing to accept a 50 necro? *wave wave*

Egat 01-15-2003 05:33 AM

Try looking into Heart of Fenris. Your level looks about right for their level range.

Ojuillean 01-15-2003 05:34 AM

Lollapalooza, Angel Tears, Wing of Graceful Goddess, Hagane No Dan, Blaze of Glory, Samurai of Norrath, Invincible East, Clan Arc, Whole of Creation are all Asian time zone guilds on Emarr I believe.

I believe this link will take you to the "alliance" they all (or most of them) kind of participate in.

jazimine 01-15-2003 06:24 AM

divine grace is also i beleive

Ojuillean 01-15-2003 08:03 AM

DG is mainly Euro now I think...

abas 01-15-2003 09:32 AM

wow a fellow singaporean based player! hi warsinger.

Heh i used to be there but have since moved to london. anyway, if you ever see chikopek in game ask him, hes based in S'pore as well.

60 Warlord

Sandain 01-15-2003 10:43 AM

As far as I am aware Heart of Fenris is the only English speaking Asia/Pacific guild.

I too was looking for a guild based in my time zone, but for high end raiding there isn't really anything.

What we could do is form a casual alliance of players in our time zone to do pickup HoT raids, a few lower end named mobs etc.

Rhae 01-15-2003 12:20 PM

I'm sure we'd be happy to have you over at HoF. Feel free to stop by: and take a look around.

Crusader of the Hearts of Fenris

Philips 01-15-2003 04:20 PM

cool another singaporean
i'm a singaporean too hehehee
nice to seee that there quite a nos of ppl playing eq

u can shot me a tell ig
i usual on with Philips or Maikaobei
hope to hear from u soon

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