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Magnizz Shadowwalker 09-11-2002 08:12 PM

Like a predator sneaking up on it's prey...

Like a predator sneaking up apon it's prey, Magnizz slowly makes his way back to Erollisi Marr to terrorize the zones again, and to help the iksar shadowknight kind of all lvls progress to a new lvl!

yep, i'm back, only got a few more days to work until my first pay day, i got a job at Big Boys and i'll get payed next monday! not this monday, but the one after! i'm going to need a group to lvl with, so if you can help me get past 53 please let me know! i want to hit 54 55 and 56 to catch up with all mah old friends, i'm looking for a good grind group, so if you can assist me please help me out!! i'd like to group in Velks in Ledge to try for the gloves, but if not anywhere will work!

thanks guys, and i hope to see all my friends again!! Salvis, Manuela, Dreadscale, Neewon, and all my other good old pals! there is tons more so don't feel offended if i left you out. (after all i have been gone 3 months... can't expect me to remember you all! hehe j/k.)

Magnizz Shadowwalker 09-13-2002 09:34 PM

no one wants mah?

no one wants me to be grouped with them? :'( i'm a lvl 53 Shadowknight looking for a serious Grind Group when i get back into the game next monday... i could really use a preformed group that way i don't have to wait for an hour to get a group when i get back on, i get limited online time to play Everquest so if i coudl get a group instantly then that would be awesome, i hate getting on and going to each major grind place to try to get a group, just takes too much time. if anyone could use me let me know, i'm uber at groupage and i won't let ya down... (i'm also looking to join a guild, so far Arakhne and Order of Flaming Shrine has invited me to join them, but i have yet to decide.

so please, if you coudl use an UBER SK, pick me pick me!!

Dwarkarn 09-13-2002 10:04 PM

Re: no one wants mah?

um yeah.....

Magnizz Shadowwalker 09-13-2002 11:33 PM

um yea what?

um yea what?

Dwarkarn 09-14-2002 12:23 AM

Re: um yea what?

Dunno "um yeah" was just my first reaction, and reading it all again I don't have a second reaction, so um yeah....

Dauragon CMikado 09-14-2002 05:34 AM

Re: um yea what?

I was really thinking about this..


um yeah

Lurkerr the Wizard 09-14-2002 05:47 AM


um no.


Raelven 09-14-2002 06:37 AM

Re: .

um... lighten up.

Tumyeto Toeslasher 09-14-2002 08:34 AM



Dauragon Has a Shiny Fridge...


Dwark has a pink helm...


Lurkerr has an uncanny attraction to men...


I like spongebob...

Deadscale Dreadcaller 09-14-2002 09:58 AM

Re: um

I'm still lvl 50 Magnizz so no worries, think I've been there for several months now :lol:
too much college work :(
See you around


Lurkerr the Wizard 09-14-2002 10:55 AM


Cool it Tumyeto. No need to get this thread moved to R&F.

Ulujain Ebonelphette 09-14-2002 12:14 PM

Re: !

Yeah Tum Tum, Spongebob will get you banned boy!

Purifyre 09-14-2002 11:40 PM


SpongeBob is my idol!

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