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Zako 01-20-2003 08:14 PM

Bored lately...
Lately I have been getting rather bored when I get online and would like to remedy that situation. I am interested in joining up with a 55+ guild. I currently play a 56th Iksar Beastlord and I have also a 51 druid on my 2nd account.

I am fairly new to Emarr as I started over here not long ago after playing a Beastlord to 60th on Tholuxe. I also have played quite a few of the other classes in the game and have participated in quite a few mid to high level raids. (pre-pop/luclin mostly) I have not started my epic yet on this server since I have been trying to level back up after moving here. I have not yet decided if I am going to work on my epic or not even though my friends and I could likely get it done if we all got online to do it.

I can usually be found with a small group of friends trying to get exp or gear in all kinds of places, most recently in Tier 1 pop zones or Kael arena. I am in Central time and currently play from about 7pm to 11pm on my work days and most of the day on my off days.

The main reason I would like to join such a guild is to have more people to group with for exp etc. I recognice the need to level at least to 60th (which I am trying to do) and I would like to meet new friends to hang out with. I would, of course, attend any raid I can get to as long as it is within the time I can be online.

If any of you are in a guild that could use an experienced Beastlord please let me know.


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