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thibble13 10-23-2002 11:25 AM

Necro, Shaman duo

How well does the necro shaman duo work together? Are there alot of stacking issues with dots?


Irulan Dunedancer 10-23-2002 11:39 AM

Wouldn't know from personal experience (I play neither of those classes), but would guess that the only DoT stacking issues would be the poison- and disease-based DoT's.

Kogur 10-23-2002 11:44 AM


Which is a HUGE amount of the DoT lines for both classes....

Kharybdis 10-23-2002 11:46 AM

Re: .

I have always found necros to be one of the top three to duo with. The others being Monk and Rogue. Mages were also really quite nice before the MR2 nerfage.

Fori Shadowmoon 10-23-2002 12:47 PM

Re: .

i have to agree with Khary~

I loved Necro and Monk partners..

Altdzin 10-23-2002 01:16 PM

didnt they fix it so that same dot spells stack now? if so a shaman necro team would rule

Shazanti 10-23-2002 01:29 PM

There does still seem to be certain spells that have stacking issues. Like SPLURT! I have NO idea what is blocking this spell but I swear I get the 'do not take hold' message constantly with this one, and it's NOT due to the mob's buff slots being full. Other spells have it happen sometimes, it's more annoying than anything else because you never know when a spell is randomly not going to take hold.

Shammies are great partners :)

Altdzin 10-23-2002 01:44 PM

here is how i understood the changes...

envenomed bolt will stack with someone elses envenomed bolt...

however spells that did not stack before like splurt and (possibly shaman epic dot) will not stack

so 2 necros should be able to stack 2 splurt spells, or necro and shaman could stack envenomed bolt, but not splurt and epic for example

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