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Valrus Delkor 09-27-2002 12:59 AM

Wholy bad spell effects batman!

Ive been messing with those sliders and it still looks like a three year old cut out construction paper and pasted it on my screen! and what the heck a new lvl past 39 to get new spell graphics??? sigh..

Keep ice comet tho, its pretty neat.

The spell effects are one reason I enjoyed EQ, looks like its time to unretire my monk, and if they changed the bard effects im not gonna get mah epic!

~Valrus Del`kor retired necro of emarr
(P.S will still see you back in a week Jaxartes :cool:

Alethia or Celoria 09-27-2002 01:09 AM

I haven't seen any offensive spell effects yet and I have to agree the effects for the shield and heal spells are a bit harsh and extremely toonish in the bad way. One thing I did do though was turn my Opacity down to 50% which made them a little more tolerable. I normally don't play with spell effects on anyhow so it's pretty moot for me and only turned them on so I could get a look at how these new ones were.

Dunno, starting to seem like VI is adding more and more things to the game visually to make it look crappy enough that people will leave it for dead when EQ2 hits the shelves.

Razer 09-27-2002 01:14 AM

first spell effects I saw were at necro in OS before a trak raid today. ice comet was the first. zoom, comet flies down, hits mob, ice chunks go flying out all over the place :P super cool, hehe.

I haven't seen any of the other spells really. seems the general spell effects look better now, not so jagged and blocky. I play with the effects off mostly due to lag so I haven't seen any of the buff effects like SoW or shields, etc. Some day.

Cattie Luv 09-27-2002 02:24 AM

Spell effects looks alot better if you put your opacity at 30-40%.

much less cartoonish.

it's under options -> display -> spell particles

Might need to resize window to see it.
if it's still not there, you might be using a custom UI that does not have those added to the option window.
just load default skin, change it and put it back to your custom skin.

Also note the new directory called SpellEffects
apparently if you got good graphic skills you can change the effects.

Most spell effects aren't "new", just converted to the new engine for spell effects. i'm sure more effects will come and that players might create some too.

Zel Greyweather 09-27-2002 03:21 AM


They don't even look new to me. They look exactly the same as the original spell effects with richer/darker colors. Vektor had told me that to see which spells used the new effects you should type /showspelleffects off and cast away, because the new ones aren't effected by turning spell effects off. I did that and still didn't see anything different... except the spell effects now worked through that command for the most part.

I was really hoping they'd put in some real killer new effects for all classes. >.<

Kerryn Darkwater 09-27-2002 05:01 AM

Re: .

I don't like them.

Most of the offensive spells look like someone took a crayon and ran it across the mob. They're much blockier and angular and don't fade around the edges.

What they've actually done is added the spell effects as an overlay rather then an object. Which means they're two dimensional.

Yes they look shit but they tax your graphics card less which probably means models in PoP are going to have more polygons. This is very possibly the compensation.

They remind me very much of bad special effects in movies. You can tell what they're trying to portray but you know you can see the white lines around godzilla where its not been cropped properly and you know its a 6inch model blown up and superimposed.

Is it too much to ask for the ability to turn the old ones back on? I have the opacity set to 10% and they're still stick on shapes.

Jethal Silverwing 09-27-2002 05:42 AM

Re: .

I agree with the sugguestion of turning the opacity down to 30-40%, makes it look less crayon-ish

Hoppkins 09-27-2002 06:02 AM

Re: .

Druids casting wildfire or whatever it is look like they are holding 2 huge pumpkins LOL...

KunoRepo 09-27-2002 07:38 AM

Re: .

I'm not impressed at all. They took alot more out then they put in.


Stacy the Druid 09-27-2002 07:44 AM

Wholy bad spell effects batman!

I was in a zone yesterday checking out spell effects. The fire based dots all look the same. If you casted your level 1 flame lick or your level 52 Breath of Ro, they look identical. Charm plant and animal really looks weird. Darkish blue and grey mixed in that completely covers your entire screen.

Xargylex 09-27-2002 08:03 AM

Most of the spell effects are the same, but the default setting was for 100% opaque. Try sliding the opacity bar in the display menu down to 25% or so. That should put them back to where they were pre-patch.

Barrymore Yorke 09-27-2002 08:54 AM


you can see the white lines around godzilla
Which zone is Godzilla in?

Sebine Qsel Cire 09-27-2002 10:57 AM

Just a note: if you don't have the new UI and do NOT want to see the new effects, go into your ini & set the opacity to zero. You'll still have the old effects. But yeah, the new ones DO look like crayon. I think I'll fool around with some customization...

Shazanti 09-27-2002 12:29 PM

I've fiddled my setting all over the place, and what I see for most buffs is OMFG- blazing-orange and hello-neon-green...I mean god...that went out of style with 60's shag carpetting! YECH.

I've fiddled opacity from off to full, changed particles, changed it with /particle, all that jazz and still...YECH.

I will not keep any spell effects if it looks like, well, someone hurled and thought the psychedelic colors looked oohsopretty.


Dalamarn Darkgem 09-27-2002 06:40 PM

I second that Shaz. I got one and cast a few spells before work (DMF, shield of magi, etc) and they just blow. I want my old spell effects back :(

Atroxis Crotalus 09-28-2002 05:17 AM

it desn't help much, but you can edit the spell effects image files after you have run the patcher. i toned mine down a bit, and changed some of the colors slightly. The still look like crap, but at least it's my own customized crap

Ghia Stormwolf 09-28-2002 06:59 AM

I haven't had spell effects on in years.

The only thing I asked after logging on to the new effects was......"How do I turn these off?"

Maximus Faticus 09-28-2002 08:22 AM

Anyone know how to edit the *.dds files?

Valrus Delkor 09-29-2002 04:29 AM


Well, after messing with the sliders even more, I still come to the conclusion.. they run better but should have let me design em. (lol) Dear lord they are crap, crap crap crap crap crap!.... ohh, and if you zoom in to close they poof lol.

I feel like running around with a basket saying taste the rainbow /sigh

(P.S PoP is gonna suck!)

~Valrus Del`kor retired ranting twink maker

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