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  1. WTB Heart of Fungus
  2. WTB: Shield of the Immaculate
  3. Wtb iskar child tear for shammie epic
  4. WTB some stuffs
  5. BUYING: Belt of Raging Nature
  6. WTB Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings
  7. Putrescent Blood
  8. wtb expensive stuff.
  9. WTB Stonehide Bracer X2
  10. WTB viscid slime gloves paying 300k
  11. WTB Ragebringer
  12. Shattered Emerald of Corruption
  13. WTB SS plate armor chainings
  14. WTB chainings for secret of planes
  15. Looking to buy.
  16. WTB Farwater Chain Arms
  17. BUYING Steel ring of earthen resilience and bloody boots of dark rites
  18. WTB Amulet of Necropotence and Flayed Barb Skin Leggings
  19. WTB McVaxius's Horn of War(sp?) and Lute of the Howler.
  20. Buying Windblade.
  21. Looking for Dissertation of Dark War
  22. WTBUY Ornate Chain Leg Pattern - 100K
  23. WTB the MQ of Thurgadin Chain Armro
  24. BUYING: Red Dragon Scale, and some warrior epic chainings...
  25. WTB Stonehide Bracer,Ornate Leather Glove
  26. WTB 2 Plane of Sky Drops for a quest
  27. Buying Fungi Covered Great Staff(nerfed) and stuffz.
  28. wtb PoSky + VSR ranger epic MQ
  29. WTB Earthshaker
  30. WTB Horn-spiked Shoulderpads
  31. Buying res stick(s)
  32. WTB Mana Robe
  33. Chaining of Trak tooth for VP key?
  34. WTB Fetish of Ice Mastery....
  35. Buying Longblade of Vitality and some other SK stuff
  36. BUYING: Staff of Flowing Water
  37. WTB Manastone
  38. WTB MQ for some of bard epic
  39. Buying Scepter(s) of Destruction
  40. WTB Ceramic Water Sprinkler of Marr
  41. buting fungusbeast glands
  42. WTB Runed Soriz Ring + other negative HP gear
  43. Looking for:
  44. WTB Green Dragon Scales
  45. BUYING AoN
  46. Paying to loot the following:
  47. MQ of trak tooth
  48. WTB the MQ's to those items...
  49. WTB Full Plate Ornate Suit Minus BP
  50. WTB Chardok Pipe MQ
  51. WTB ornate chain pants
  52. WTB Shell Inlaid Collar
  53. Buying Essence Emeralds
  54. WTB Pale Velium Inlaid Cestus
  55. WTB Rock-Molded Wristguard And some other things
  56. BUYING Pre-nerf COS
  57. Buying
  58. WTB Thurgadin Leater Bracer, Gloves, and Boots and Skyshrine/Thurg Plate BreastPlate
  59. WTB an Ornate Chain Leg Pattern
  60. WTB Manastone
  61. Buying Fetid Flesh Belt and more...
  62. WTB HoT Symbol chaining
  63. Buying Very Large Coin Purse and...
  64. BUYING Windblade or Looting rights to...
  65. Windblade
  66. WTB Mana-Threaded Bone Bracelet
  67. WTB Chaining of Pulsing Green Stone
  68. Buying Mrylokar's Gauntlets and Helm
  69. Looking for Illusion Guktan (new froglock) gem
  70. WTB Elemental bow
  71. WTB Velium Gemmed Greatsword
  72. WTB tinkered stuff
  73. buying sk epic chainings
  74. Wtb random stuff
  75. Wtb Scimitar of The Mistwalker PAYING WELL!!
  76. Swollen Fungus Beast Glands
  77. Buying Sanguine Tome & Firebone Notebook
  78. WTB: Firebone Notebook & Velketor's Spell Book
  79. Wtb Scimitar of the Mistwalker
  80. WTB Earthshaker
  81. cleric epic mqing
  82. WTB Chaining Of Vampyre Volatilis Ashes (From Valdanov Zevfeer)
  83. Cleric Epic MQ - Singed Scroll?
  84. WTB lots of stuff...
  85. WTB Tear Shaped Ring
  86. WTB Blackburrow Cask
  87. Paying 50k for Ornate Vambrace Mold
  88. Warrior gear
  89. WTB Stone Bracelet of Battle Mastery/ BOC
  90. WTB spiroc wingblade chain
  91. Buying
  92. WTB Firebone Notebook
  93. WTB Platinum Transfer
  94. WTB Ornate Chain, GoD Items, Dain's Head, Rogue Pokers...
  95. buying / trading for chardock pipe MQ and first monk epic robe
  96. WTB or Trade for Girdle of Mithaniel
  97. WTB Chaining of Thurg Plate Breastplate
  98. sky bridge
  99. WTB Halls of Testing quest items
  100. Want to chain some ranger epic pieces
  101. WTB necro amulet
  102. Looking for a Tolan's BP
  103. BUYING Bloodied Boots of Dark Rites
  104. WTB Pulsing Green Stone
  105. WTB Chainings
  106. WTB Sorrowsong Boots
  107. Paying 1k for Password to Allakhazam's
  108. Wtb Pristine Tae Ew Scale
  109. White Dragon Helm
  110. WTB Sacrifices- Paying 200P eack
  111. Earring of living slime
  112. Buying Amulet of Necropotence
  113. WTB Mage Epic Chaining: Pegasus Cloak
  114. WTB AoN
  115. Plane Of Mischief Cards/Thrones
  116. WTB Chaining Dain Frostreaver IV ~Ring~
  117. Buying ~Blade of Carnage~
  118. WTB Slime Crystal Staff
  119. WTBoTr Water Mephit bloods + shimmering fish gills
  120. WTB Crown of elemental mastery PAYING WELL
  121. WTB Crown of Deciet chaining and AoN
  122. Buying Shroud of Undeath 55 SK spell
  123. WTB SEoC
  124. WTT Fungi Tunic + 10k for Fungus Patch Vest
  125. Thurg Chain BP
  126. Buying a Firebone Notebook
  127. WTB Some high end Beastlord items
  128. wtb: GOLD TICKET
  129. WTB Essance of Shadow
  130. WTB Thurg BP chaining
  131. Paying 60k for Shroud of Undeath
  132. Boots of the kunzar wanderer
  133. Wtb ....
  134. WTB SEoC and Tolan's BP.
  135. WTB silk thurg robe
  136. BUYING Beastlord stuffs
  137. WTB Chanter Spell - Dementing Visions
  138. WTB crown of elemental mastery
  139. VP Loot? Is it possible?
  140. WTB tunare sword
  141. shield of the immaculate
  142. Wanting to buy Tolan's Breastplate
  143. WTB: Mask of Tinkering
  144. WTB Heavy Tooled Weapons Belt
  145. Paying 1,000,000 platinum for:
  146. WTB Chaining of Entire Druid Epic
  147. WTB Viscid Slime Gloves
  148. WTB Helmet of Rallos Zek
  149. WTB manastone
  150. WTB chaining of Spiroc Wingblade
  151. WTB an Eyeshiv of Darkness
  152. WTB Elder beads.
  153. WTB Tolan BP
  154. looking for robe of the kedge
  155. WTB Firebone Notebook
  156. WTB Manastone/AON
  157. Bard gear search.
  158. WTB Boots of the Mosquito
  159. WTB KC Piece of a Medallion
  160. Looking for old PoM cards
  161. Thurg Plate legs.
  162. WTB Muramite Weapon Master's Staff
  163. Paying well for <<Soulbane>>
  164. WTB Fine Velvet Cloak
  165. WTB Chaining of Vhaksiz the Shade's Heart
  166. WTB Mirror of Self Loathing & Greenish metal shard
  167. Buying Thurg Leather Chainings
  168. Wtb Cleric Epic Chainings (Singed Scroll and Lord Burgurle's Crown)
  169. Wtb Featherwood Compound Bow
  170. Looking for Stonehide and high end jewellery
  171. Seoc
  172. Quillmane in South Karana
  173. WTB Helmet of Rallos Zek
  174. WTB Looting right of BBS from Seru
  175. WTB Gem Cutter
  176. Buying Reet Crown Chaining
  177. WTB Gold casino ticket
  178. WTB velious plate quest BP!
  179. WTB Chainings
  180. Looking for chaining of tov quest items
  181. WTB looting to tendonslicer
  182. WTB Velium Mastodon Fur Cloak
  183. WTB MQ of Tendril from Fear
  184. Buying holgresh elder beads
  185. Also WTB amy whip!
  186. WTB MQ of the sword from the Hole for the Pally epic
  187. WTB Chardok Pipe MQ
  188. Raster Idol.
  189. Mischievous Chainmail Set
  190. Monk Thurgadin Armor Chainings
  191. Amulet of Necropotence
  192. WTB Stained Scale pants
  193. WTB Trak's Tooth
  194. WTB Scorched Wand
  195. Tear from PoF
  196. WTB: Manastone
  197. WTB Pre-nerf Holgresh Elder Beads
  198. WTB scroll in Chardock0 Cleric epic (MQ)
  199. Wtb Tolan Breastplate
  200. factionin items!
  201. Buying Gnomish Vanishing Device
  202. WTB Darkforge Greaves/other SK epic chainings
  203. WTB MQ 8th Ring
  204. WTB Trak Tooth chaining, 2 of them
  205. Thurg chest piece
  206. WTB MQing of the 8th coldain Ring !
  207. RNG Epic
  208. Ornate Silk Sleeve Pattern
  209. Wtb
  210. WTB: Spiroc Feathers
  211. WTB Darkforge Helm
  212. Wtb
  213. WTB Ball of Everliving GOlem and Spiroc Wingblade
  214. WTB Weathered Grey Silk Shawl
  215. Looking for....
  216. MQ or Looting Rights
  217. Buying Trean flies, Discordant scoriea, and OOW augments
  218. WTB a white knight (PoM Card)
  219. WTB PoM squires and knights...
  220. WTB MQ Blue Crystal Staff
  221. WTB Slender White Silk Cape
  222. Buying the following
  223. WTB Desecrated Gloves of Order 100k
  224. WTB all the Crystalize Sulfur on the face of creation
  225. WTB MQ Heart of Vakshiz and Junk Beast Power Source
  226. Wtb...
  227. paying 75kpp per Discordant Scoriae
  228. WTB MQing of Demi Lich Skullcap!
  229. WTB the chainning of Skyshrine chest armor
  230. Wtb
  231. WTB Crown of Elemental Mastery
  232. Aug of pure haste....
  233. WTB Half Capacity Gnomish Vanishing Device
  234. WTB a white crown-a white knight-slugworms
  235. WTB Bricks of Molten Ore and Clockwork Grease
  236. Flayed barbarian hide mask
  238. WTB Thurgadin Silk Robe, Silk Bracer, and Silk Hat
  239. Wtb Snare Proc
  240. WTB crown of elemental mastery, staff of elemental mastery: Earth
  241. WTB Shield of the Immaculate
  242. WTB PoM Cards
  243. MPG hammer looting
  244. WTB: toes & helms!
  245. WTB Discordant Scoriae
  246. Wtb
  247. WTB Crystialized Sulfur
  248. WTB Radiant Howlite of Pure Dexterity
  249. WTB PoM Cards Paying way too much.
  250. WTB Gold Ticket